Technology for simplifying education – Yatin K Thakur


I remember a few years back, how my journey began in the education sector while sitting with an ex-chancellor of a university when I was trying to sell him some video solutions which could ease out the pressure of application screening and admission interviews. He mentioned that most of the big universities have best hardware, but there are hardly any software solutions available. Even if the solution is available, we do not have enough skilled manpower to use these solutions. That gave me a spark to design simplified technology solutions which could be used by anyone and everyone solving the growing problem of quality of education in the country. There were several challenges in setting up a startup from identifying a strong team to satisfying different customers in this sector from a student to teacher to parent to a corporate. The solutions have to be designed in such a manner that students are able to use the technology, teachers are not alienated because of technology and parents should be able to understand technology and corporates should see the long term benefit coming our of these solutions. While some of the customers might not be using the solutions, it is essential that they understand the impact of these solutions.

Over the last couple of years, with smart phones and tablets becoming affordable, it has become easier to scale up the solutions and reach out to a larger number of users, however innovations are need of the hour. The growing concern of quality of education and impacting larger users is only possible if everyone is included in the eco-system from the White-Board stage till launching the product.

This is the time for us to innovate new solutions which can impact the education system in the country, but the question which is left unanswered is how? We need many passionate entrepreneurs to innovate new solutions and this can be done only when they work in a team with least possible resources. Its time for you to decide whether to crib about education or put your knowledge into action.

Yatin Thakur is a social entrepreneur and has been actively involved in setting up startups in telecom and education sector from New Delhi, India.