SWEDUDEL Day-1 Pitches & Team Building


The Day-1 of the inaugural session of Startupweekend Edu gets over with some awesome pitches and 14 team formations. Participants have been presenting some real innovative ideas and it will be exciting to see which all take an actual shape.


The ideas finally shortlisted include:


  • Book Pool: An online book donation and old books exchange portal
  • Studex: Bridging the gap between urban and rural schools
  • Eduwidget: A cross platform integrating interactive educational videos along with LMS
  • KnowDream: Developing innovative modules for high schools kids around robotics, innovative cooking etc.
  • Common Ground Education: Redesigning schools for better revenue generation
  • Happy Paisa: Gaming and Digital learning Program for high school and college students to become financially independent at an early stage
  • Teach me English: Mobile adaptive English learning for college students
  • Scholarly: Using microfinance model to fund education of under-privledged
  • Edville: App focussed on the school going crowd providing standarized assessments using game dynamics and tapping social network platform
  • Wiki Connect: real time google plus huddle groups from among people looking for sam wikipedia page and sharing the same context so that they can interact and learn from each other quicker
  • Edu Clinic: A ‘sustained’ one stop platform where each child will have a dedicated doctor in the form of counselors to help them out answer such important questions, whether its related to academics, career or any of their personal issues.
  • Earth Lab Schools: Make your school a lab for learning and living green
  • Nayi Disha: Motion sensor based educational games for children 
  • Edu Prac: To educate the educators by equipping them with awareness, knowledge & the expertise required to prepare their students for challeges of real world environment’

    Stay tuned for all  the live action and updates in the upcoming days.