Being built at Startup Weekend Education Delhi [April 2012]


We are minutes away from the final presentations at Startup Weekend Education Delhi and the teams are giving final touches to their startups. Some busy getting a video cut of their customer validation, some hard at coding, while others preparing the financials for their final presentation. So what would you see at 5PM today? Well here is the list of the startups coming out of Startup Weekend Education Delhi April 2012:



WHAT Solve the Crisis in the Higher Education System.
WHY Excessive Theoretical pedagogy in classrooms.
HOW Brings Quality content Certified by Industry experts.
FOR Faculty at Higher-Education Institutes.
RESULT Make students learn Industrial implementation of technology.




Wiki Connect

Wikiconnect is a collaborative learning tool. Its a plugin on a browser, with a backend on the cloud, that keeps a track of the website the user is on. When the user enters a website that has a content registered with us, our plugin on the toolbar lights up a bit. When the user spends a little longer time on it, it becomes brighter, indicating that the one might find co-learners if interested. In addition, we provide a toolbar in the wikiwindow, with a bunch of tools for the users to collaborate quickly. The objective is to co-learn, breaking the silo, and learn in a manner which is clear, quicker, and more involvement.




EdVille/EdPulse looks to fill the dearth of standardized assessments by giving adaptive tests across all topics. More than 5.5 million high school students(Age 13-17) in India are playing social media. We seek to engage students by
using the social gaming dynamics while providing them relevant, intellectually stimulating exercises. Students will be able to do self-assessments in topics that interest them while at the same time getting a pulse of where they stand among friends, in their city and in the world. This real-time data on where students around the world stand gives students the option of gauging their interest, giving knowledge of exactly where they need to work, giving a
marketplace for getting the resource needed and targeted advertising.
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Book Pool

‘Book Pool’ in its essence, is an online community to share used books. A user lists books that he/she is willing to part with, on our website. When another user or an NGO is interested in any of your listed books, we pick up the books from you and award you a credit point for each book. Using credit points, you get to claim a book from the online pool of our books for your earned points.
For every book you give, you earn a point and use a point to buy another one. You also build your karma by doing a great deal of social good as they reach the books starved rural India.


EarthLab Schools

EarthLab Schools is an innovative programme designed to help communities use their schools as laboratories for sustainability.

About Enviral
Enviral is a mobile gaming application, An app targeting school going kids to make then environmental aware in a fun way and inspire them to take social actions

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Hi we are an awesome team bringing you an Android app to improve your professional English communication skills by adapting to your learning needs.

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Common Floor Education

The issue: Provide schools, particularly private schools serving low income areas, with additional revenue generation potential to make up for lack of funds so that they can improve their educational services and standards and become community catalysts.

Our Solution: Match schools with potential customers to monetize their existing infrastructure via time share and provide schools with the means to improve their educational services.


Nayi Disha

Nayi Disha is a revolutionary new way of teaching children with the aid of Motion sensor based educational games using a Kinect.

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Establishing ‘Education Clinic’ inside schools – A one stop platform where students will have dedicated professional mentors to help them deal with academics, career, personal/domestic/family issues. The idea implements in a scalable approach with use of technology via video conferencing where students can get counseled by experts sitting anywhere in the globe.

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Know Dream

Know Dream is an innovative activity based learning platform that hones and engages that the students in their Interest areas like Robotics, learning Innovative Physics, Designing , etc and facilitates their choice of careers and knowing their dreams!

Happy Paisa

HappyPaisa aims to be a fun and effective personal financial education platform. The focus will be on helping you become not just wealthier, but also happier. The learning content and tools with facilitate you to take apt decisions and actions in your financial life.

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eduWidget is a platform independent RIA which fits a plethora of educational tools/ component within a single screen ‘box’ giving the end user an appealing platform to create and discover interactive (esp. interactive video based) educational content.
For Educators: A simple & exceedingly simple to use drag & drop authoring tool to create a compelling interactive educational widget complete with feedback and analysis tools within no time, all embedded within a ‘box’ and publish the same to the ‘marketplace’.
For Learners: An engaging and interactive user experience within a ‘box’ with an intuitive, innovative and seamless UI which makes learning fun.
For Community: A playground for users to CREATE. DISCOVER. & EDUCATE.

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A platform to facilitate exchange of students among schools all over the country

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